Dimitris Dalianis


The positive effects of aromatherapy are real. It is increasingly used to relieve and treat many disorders of human physical and mental heal. Therapeutic properties, indications and contraindications as well as the correct way of using aromatherapy are being explored by university bodies, and applications are already growing in university hospitals. From the etymology of the word (aroma-therapy), it is easy to understand that aromatherapy is the therapeutics, which uses perfumes (essential oils) secreted by the oleaginous glands, found in the roots, petioles, bark, leaves and the flowers of various aromatic plants.

Since ancient times, since the time of Hippocrates, it has been known that essential oils have been widely applied in everyday life, both for healing and ornamentation purposes. There was, therefore, a great spread of the use of essential oils

Thus, we can say that aromatherapy is the ancient science of finding the right essential oil, which by its application to humans improves health, ensures calmness, well-being and improves our daily mood.

Maybe the future of modern medicine is hiding in the past.

Maybe if we want to go ahead  we must first know where we are, and what already know.

Maybe in the end, in our attempt to specially study illness we forgot to study the human holistically.

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